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Our Story

I am  loving every minute of my Soap Making  journey

A little about My Journey

My name is Nelly Hymen
Nellies Soaps is  my hobby and I fit soap and body product creating in my spare time from full time work. I love to create natural and healthy products that do not contain chemicals which we seem using on our skin and hair so much today.
 I started off making soaps and skin care products to give away to my friends and family. Friends encouraged me sell my products as they loved them and thought others would too.
I have my Soap Stall at the Invercargill Farmers Market and been doing this since the start of 2016. My obsession with soap started when I brought some soap at a Market. I thought I would like to try soap making. To my partners horror our Kitchen is now my Soap Lab and I am totally hooked. Much of what I have learned has been from the internet on sites like Brambleberry,  Soaping 101 and from Sharon Johnstone, an amazing  lady from America  -Rose of Sharon Essential Skin Care.

All of my ingredients are from reputable NZ suppliers:
Pure Nature NZ
Zen Design


Go Native

Kiwi Soap

NZSoaps & Candles

I list all of my ingredients in everyday English (rather than INCI names ) for you to
easily and quickly identify potential personal allergen triggers and properties that you desire in your soaps and skincare products.

All my products are tested and reviewed by my family and friends and the dogs soap was  tested by Cindy (the Blonde) and Lad (my woolly monster) dogs.

An Idea is Born